Smart Building


SmartBug’s smart building solution.

When we say Smart Building we talk about a building in which the systems within it are managed in an intelligent and automated way. This can occur through the usage of an infrastructure to supervise and control the systems. 

This way you can minimize the power usage and ensure comfort, security and wellbeing of the occupants, guaranteeing a great integration with the electrical system of the building.

SmartBug’s Automation.


SmartBug offers itself as a single solution for automating buildings, whether they host public or private offices or any other kind of facility.


Following you can see how SmartBug can easily turn your building into a smart building!



FLOW OF PEOPLE – SmartBug can detect presence within a certain enclosed space. With the device, it is possible to always keep track of the people entering and exiting an office and therefore keep track of the flow.


POWER MANAGEMENT – By connecting SmartBug to the power of the devices it will control (e.g. ACs, heaters, lights) it will register the exact power used by every device connected, also detecting the eventual power inefficiency of specific devices and eventual hazards.

SMART CONTROL OF THE AIR CONDITIONING – Every SmartBug device is equipped with an IR blaster just like the one in remote controls. This can directly control appliances like ACs. The presence of an integrated temperature sensor also allows to schedule the on/off and adjustment of the ACs in an automatic and intelligent way. This helps save energy and detect any open window around the office.

SMART LIGHT CONTROL – Every SmartBug device can be connected to one or more lights. This way it can directly or indirectly control any other load on the same system: this allows the creation of smart scenarios and behaviours by scheduling and monitoring from a random switch any kind of light source that is connected.